Yard work and a new pole saw!

I made an amateur mistake yesterday when maintaining my back yard. I have been cutting back branches with chainsaws, using ladders and various safety ropes which was very difficult and tiring. I was told by a close friend of mine that there was an easier way and just by coincidence he had been trimming back a tree in his own front yard. But instead of a chain saw, he used a pole saw!

Now I’ve been kicking myself at what should of been a relatively simple, straightforward job, that instead took four or so hours. I have what’s an apparently¬†a highly rated pole saw¬†according to my close friend. The brand name rings a bell and it’s certainly popular in most online stores we checked out. But what does that matter? All that matters in my view is how effectively it pruned the trees and bushes, and I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed. It cut through branches and twigs like cheese and finished what could of otherwise been a very time consuming job very quickly indeed. Definitely owe my friend a beer for that tip.

And with all the concentration on the Husqvarna pole saw I have, I totally forgot to take a step back and look at how the back yard was looking. I have the type of garden that is quite closed in so it’s hard to see everything unless you’re looking at it from a distance. So I cleared up my tools and went to the upstairs window to admire my handiwork. To my surprise the difference was very noticeable, and not just in how everything looked down there. It turns out we didn’t appreciate just how much the trees were blocking sunlight into the rooms on the first floor on my house.

And the best part of it all, we didn’t spend more than 500 bucks on power tools, so we have something hidden away in the garden shed to continually trim or prune whenever we fee like it.

There is still more tasks to be carried out back there, but they mainly fall to my wifes capable hands and it involves picking out some great plant life that will be lining the flower bed. My job will be building some flower boxes to house them all and make everything look neat and organized. Stay tuned for that!

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