Warming up the house with a wood stove

We had some big decisions to make today that involved picking the right kind of space heater for our rooms.¬†We really wanted something off the grid that didn’t rely on gas or electric outlets too much. After much research online, we found a site called Warm Home Guide who have reviewed several wood burning stoves in detail that helped us understand the positives and negatives of owning one.

After much discussion with my wife, we decided to purchase two of these. One will be set up in the lounge, and one will be set up in the dining area. Those rooms were chosen based on their central location in the house and ultimately how effectively heat will be distributed from those areas. Thats the basics of it, and those plans may change if it turns out it’s not effective as we hoped. But looking at the various BTU scores, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

We decided to go with a Vozelgang wood stove because they seem to have a great burn time thanks to it being able to store more fuel at one time. This is precisely what we need as it will allow us to set and forget it for a while rather than constantly going back to it for refueling purposes.

On the whole, it seems to be the most sensible options out of the many types of space heaters on the market. The only other thing we’re considering once these are installed is some kind of outdoor heater, maybe for the patio, maybe something larger for parties in the summer evenings where things can get a bit chilly once the sun disappears from the sky.

However, something will need to be done about our attic that’s been converted into a bedroom. We don’t think the heat will reach that area as well because the insulation in place is sub par and needs to be improved upon. That’s yet another thing on the checklist of things to be done in the near future.

Update: We have got the two wood stoves installed and they are working like a charm. However, as we suspected, the attic will definitely need re-insulating as we seem to be losing a lot of heat through the roof which is disappointing.

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