Time to tile the kitchen

First on my list is the kitchen tiling job. I have picked out, or rather, my wife, a nice set of cream tiles that will be placed halfway up the wall and all across the floor for a bright, reflective effect on the room as a whole especially when the sun hits it.

The other half of the wall will be painted a slightly darker shade of cream but a color that compliments the look and feel as a whole. We went all out and got a good toilet that includes all the latest flushing technology as well as looking great. We also have a brand new walk in shower with some really cool rain style shower heads that modernize everything. So, once the decor is done, we’re looking at a bathroom that looks warm and inviting, and we can’t wait to get started.

Update: Tiles have been put into place, and today we are starting to stock up on the paint. The bathroom itself is larger than you would expect so we need the additional paint especially for all the undercoats and normal coating layers being done.

The tiles look fantastic next to the toilet and shower area and i’m quite proud as this is my first full on piece of D.I.Y that I’ve completed in our new home.

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